Definition of Bull snake

1. Noun. Any of several large harmless rodent-eating North American burrowing snakes.

Exact synonyms: Bull-snake
Generic synonyms: Colubrid, Colubrid Snake
Group relationships: Genus Pituophis, Pituophis
Specialized synonyms: Gopher Snake, Pituophis Melanoleucus, Pine Snake

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Literary usage of Bull snake

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. An American Glossary by Richard Hopwood Thornton (1912)
"1791 The pine or bull snake is very large, and inoffensive with respect to ... 1878 The " bull-snake " [is] an immense thing four or five feet in length, ..."

2. Myths and Traditions of the Crow Indians by Robert Harry Lowie (1918)
"So all the rest ran away, only Little-head and Bull-snake remained. ... When they had stood up, Bull-snake got scared, seeing the Sioux, ..."

3. The Reptile Book: A Comprehensive, Popularised Work on the Structure and by Raymond Lee Ditmars (1907)
"305 COMMON bull snake, ... Largest of the North American Serpents. .... 320 PACIFIC bull snake, ..."

4. Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science by Kansas Academy of Science (1881)
"Say's bull snake. Ft. Riley (Garman). Douglas county ( Mozley. ... Mexican Bull Snake. One specimen in the National Museum, from Ft. Riley (Brown). ..."

5. The Vanishing Race: The Last Great Indian Council, a Record in Picture and by Joseph Kossuth Dixon, Rodman Wanamaker (1913)
"... of him were laid beside him in his last sleep, emblems of his last battle and tokens of his final conquest. bull snake Old bull snake, or Snake Bull's, ..."

6. The Reptiles of Western North America: An Account of the Species Known to by John van Denburgh (1922)
""This snake, sometimes called 'bull snake,' especially by people who have ... "Taking it all in all, the good done by the Pacific bull snake has already ..."

7. Ethnozoology of the Tewa Indians by Junius Henderson, John Peabody Harrington (1914)
"bull snake. It is probably tliis species which was recorded as /•". ... Bib., by Yarrow, at San Ildefonso.4 A bull snake was described to us at El Rito de ..."

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