Definition of Bunny rabbit

1. Noun. (usually informal) especially a young rabbit.

Exact synonyms: Bunny
Generic synonyms: Coney, Cony, Rabbit
Language type: Colloquialism

Definition of Bunny rabbit

1. Noun. a bunny, a rabbit. ¹

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Literary usage of Bunny rabbit

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The New Beacon Primer by James Hiram Fassett (1921)
"FUNNY bunny rabbit cabbage soup chimney One day Funny bunny rabbit found a cabbage, ... So Funny bunny rabbit cut the cabbage. She went hop-pi-ty-hop, ..."

2. Publications by English Dialect Society (1886)
"Under the bungo o'th' moon" is to be in difficulties, " under the weather."—Cheshire Sheaf, vol. i., p. 237. BUNNY, s. a swelling. L. BUNNY-RABBIT, s. a ..."

3. Publications by English Dialect Society (1886)
"C. 8. (3) Cardamine pratensis, L.—Cumb.; EDS Gloss. C. 8. Bonny Rabbit. Antirrhinum majus, L. — Dev. (ie bunny rabbit, a tautological children's name). ..."

4. A Glossary of Words Used in the County of Chester by Robert Holland (1886)
"L. BUNNY-RABBIT, i. a tame rabbit. BUR, conj. but. " Yo munna do that." " Ah ! bur oi shall." BURGY, s. unriddled coal, containing all the small coal and ..."

5. Live Language Lessons: Teachers' Manual by Howard Roscoe Driggs (1921)
"I'ma little bunny rabbit. I am so fond of running all around, I have a habit Of getting turnips from the farmer's ground. I'ma very busy little ant, ..."

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