Definition of Buoyancy

1. Noun. Cheerfulness that bubbles to the surface.

Exact synonyms: Perkiness
Generic synonyms: Blitheness, Cheerfulness
Derivative terms: Buoyant, Perky

2. Noun. The property of something weightless and insubstantial.
Exact synonyms: Airiness
Generic synonyms: Lightness, Weightlessness
Derivative terms: Airy, Airy, Buoyant

3. Noun. The tendency to float in water or other liquid.
Generic synonyms: Inclination, Tendency

4. Noun. Irrepressible liveliness and good spirit. "I admired his buoyancy and persistent good humor"
Exact synonyms: Irrepressibility
Generic synonyms: Life, Liveliness, Spirit, Sprightliness
Derivative terms: Buoyant, Irrepressible

Definition of Buoyancy

1. n. The property of floating on the surface of a liquid, or in a fluid, as in the atmosphere; specific lightness, which is inversely as the weight compared with that of an equal volume of water.

Definition of Buoyancy

1. Noun. (physics) The upward force on a body immersed or partly immersed in a fluid. ¹

2. Noun. The ability of an object to stay afloat in a fluid. ¹

3. Noun. (by extension) Resilience or cheerfulness. ¹

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Definition of Buoyancy

1. the tendency to float [n -CIES]

Medical Definition of Buoyancy

1. 1. The property of floating on the surface of a liquid, or in a fluid, as in the atmosphere; specific lightness, which is inversely as the weight compared with that of an equal volume of water. 2. The upward pressure exerted upon a floating body by a fluid, which is equal to the weight of the body; hence, also, the weight of a floating body, as measured by the volume of fluid displaced. "Such are buoyancies or displacements of the different classes of her majesty's ships." (Eng. Cyc) 3. Cheerfulness; vivacity; liveliness; sprightliness; the opposite of heaviness; as, buoyancy of spirits. Source: Websters Dictionary (01 Mar 1998)

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Literary usage of Buoyancy

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Elementary Treatise on Natural Philosophy by Augustin Privat-Deschanel, Joseph David Everett (1870)
"The two equal forces which act on the body will evidently turn it to or from the original position of equilibrium, according as the new centre of buoyancy ..."

2. Know Your Own Ship: A Simple Explanation of the Stability, Trim by Thomas Walton (1899)
"buoyancy—Water Pressures—Reserve buoyancy—Sheer—Value of Deck ... buoyancy.—buoyancy means floating power. Under what conditions will a vessel float? ..."

3. Treatise on Physics by Andrew Gray (1901)
"If a body of weight W which floats displace when completely immersed a weight W of water, the reserve of buoyancy is W" - W or W(W'I\Y- 1) ..."

4. Observations of a Naturalist in the Pacific Between 1896 and 1899 by Henry Brougham Guppy (1906)
"The first group includes those seeds and fruits where the buoyancy is derived from unfilled space in the seed or fruit cavity. The second group comprises ..."

5. The Elementary Part of A Treatise on the Dynamics of a System of Rigid by Edward John Routh (1891)
"buoyancy of Air. Another canse of error in a clock pendulum is the buoyancy ... in the axis of suspension, show that the correction for buoyancy vanishes. ..."

6. Elements of Hydraulics by Stephen Elmer Slocum (1915)
"To calculate the buoyancy, suppose that the solid body is removed and the space it occupied below the water line refilled with water. ..."

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