Definition of Bureau

1. Noun. An administrative unit of government. "Tennessee Valley Authority"

Exact synonyms: Agency, Authority, Federal Agency, Government Agency, Office
Specialized synonyms: Afrl, Air Force Research Laboratory, Ahpcrc, Army High Performance Computing Research Center, Naval Research Laboratory, Nrl, U.s. Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory, United States Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory, Us Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory, Usacil
Generic synonyms: Administrative Body, Administrative Unit
Specialized synonyms: Executive Agency, Fda, Food And Drug Administration, Cdc, Center For Disease Control And Prevention, Counterterrorist Center, Ctc, Nonproliferation Center, Npc, Bureau Of The Census, Census Bureau, National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration, Noaa, National Climatic Data Center, Ncdc, National Weather Service, Technology Administration, National Institute Of Standards And Technology, Nist, National Technical Information Service, Ntis, Darpa, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Department Of Defense Laboratory System, Lablink, Department Of Energy Intelligence, Doei, Phs, United States Public Health Service, National Institutes Of Health, Nih, Bja, Bureau Of Justice Assistance, Bjs, Bureau Of Justice Statistics, Immigration And Naturalization Service, Ins, United States Border Patrol, Us Border Patrol, Bureau Of Diplomatic Security, Ds, Foreign Service, Bureau Of Intelligence And Research, Inr, Fws, United States Fish And Wildlife Service, Us Fish And Wildlife Service, National Park Service, Financial Management Service, Office Of Intelligence Support, Ois, Comptroller Of The Currency, Bureau Of Customs, Customs Bureau, Customs Service, Uscb, Bureau Of Engraving And Printing, Internal Revenue Service, Irs, Faa, Federal Aviation Agency, Transportation Security Administration, Tsa, Gao, Government Accounting Office, United States Government Accounting Office, Navy, United States Navy, Us Navy, Usn, U. S. Coast Guard, United States Coast Guard, Us Coast Guard, Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division, Nawcwpns, Naval Special Warfare, Nsw, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Nswc, Naval Underwater Warfare Center, Nuwc, Office Of Naval Intelligence, Oni, Marine Corps Intelligence Activity, Mcia, Air Force, U. S. Air Force, United States Air Force, Us Air Force, Usaf, Afisr, Air Force Intelligence Surveillance And Reconnaissance, Air Force Isr, Independent Agency, Advanced Research And Development Activity, Arda, Defense Logistics Agency, Defense Reutilization And Marketing Service, Drms, Defense Technical Information Center, Dtic, Law Enforcement Agency, Occupational Safety And Health Administration, Osha, Organ, Patent And Trademark Office Database, Patent Office, Government Printing Office, Gpo, United States Government Printing Office, Us Government Printing Office, National Guard Bureau, Ngb, Army, U. S. Army, United States Army, Us Army, Usa, Ai, Army Intelligence, Ballistic Missile Defense Organization, Bmdo, Defense Information Systems Agency, Disa, National Geospatial-intelligence Agency, Nga, Casualty Care Research Center, Ccrc, Federal Housing Administration, Fha, Local Authority
Derivative terms: Official

2. Noun. Furniture with drawers for keeping clothes.
Exact synonyms: Chest, Chest Of Drawers, Dresser
Specialized synonyms: Chiffonier, Commode, Highboy, Tallboy, Lowboy
Terms within: Drawer, Shelf
Generic synonyms: Article Of Furniture, Furniture, Piece Of Furniture

Definition of Bureau

1. n. Originally, a desk or writing table with drawers for papers.

Definition of Bureau

1. Noun. Office. ¹

2. Noun. Desk, usually with a cover and compartments for storing papers etc. located above the level of the writing surface rather than underneath. ¹

3. Noun. (American English) Chest of drawers for clothes. ¹

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Definition of Bureau

1. a chest of drawers [n -REAUS or -REAUX]

Medical Definition of Bureau

1. Origin: F. Bureau a writing table, desk, office, OF, drugget, with which a writing table was often covered, equiv. To F. Bure, and fr. OF. Buire dark brown, the stuff being named from its colour, fr. L. Burrus red, fr. Gr. Flame-coloured, prob. Fr. Fire. See Fire, and cf. Borel. 1. Originally, a desk or writing table with drawers for papers. 2. The place where such a bureau is used; an office where business requiring writing is transacted. 3. Hence: A department of public business requiring a force of clerks; the body of officials in a department who labour under the direction of a chief. On the continent of Europe, the highest departments, in most countries, have the name of bureaux; as, the Bureau of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. In England and America, the term is confined to inferior and subordinate departments; as, the "Pension Bureau," a subdepartment of the Department of the Interior. In Spanish, bureo denotes a court of justice for the trial of persons belonging to the king's household. 4. A chest of drawers for clothes, especially when made as an ornamental piece of furniture. Bureau system. See Bureaucracy. Bureau Veritas, an institution, in the interest of maritime underwriters, for the survey and rating of vessels all over the world. It was founded in Belgium in 1828, removed to Paris in 1830, and reestablished in Brussels in 1870. Source: Websters Dictionary (01 Mar 1998)

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Literary usage of Bureau

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

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"Being constantly in touch with the officials of the Indian Office, the bureau has been instrumental in ameliorating the condition of the Indian, ..."

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"The International bureau (article 22) serves The Inter- as the Registry for the Court. It is the intermediary bureau, for communications relating to the ..."

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"the work of the bureau of Education, and with the authority of Congress the work of that bureau in Alaska has extended far beyond the narrow limits of ..."

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"EXPENDITURES FOR; see below, that title Expenditures bureau OF LABOR STATISTICS 1883-1894. Cost of bureau of labor statistics; expenditures from ..."

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