Definition of Butchering

1. Noun. The business of a butcher.

Exact synonyms: Butchery
Terms within: Slaughter
Generic synonyms: Business, Business Enterprise, Commercial Enterprise
Derivative terms: Butcher

Definition of Butchering

1. n. The business of a butcher.

Definition of Butchering

1. Verb. (present participle of butcher) ¹

2. Noun. The act by which someone or something is butchered; a slaughter or killing. ¹

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Definition of Butchering

1. butcher [v] - See also: butcher

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Literary usage of Butchering

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Sheep-farming in North America by John Alexander Craig, H. P. Miller (1918)
"Rack for hanging up lambs for butchering. ... Equipment for butchering. — Provide a place convenient to the stable for butchering and hanging until cool. ..."

2. The Call of the Hen; Or, The Science of the Selection and Breeding of Poultry by National Council of Teachers of English Committee on Recreational Reading, Walter Hogan, Sherman Dickinson, Harry Reynolds Lewis, Raymond William Gregory, Louis Renou, B. K. Hindse, A. V. Leontovich, Arthur John Arberry (1913)
"My atttention was next forcibly called to this by seeing a long row of dressed pullets and hens in a butchering establishment. Noticing the great difference ..."

3. Local Sketches and Legends Pertaining to Bucks and Montgomery Counties by William Joseph Buck (1887)
"butchering Fifty Years Ago. In a drive through the country on a rather cold morning in the beginning of December, 1881, and observing in several directions ..."

4. Early Western Travels, 1748-1846: A Series of Annotated Reprints of Some of by Reuben Gold Thwaites (1906)
"... The Traders Walworth and Alvarez's Teams — A Fright—A Nation of Indians — Their Camp and Hunts — A Treaty — A Tempest — Indian butchering — A Hunt among ..."

5. Diary of the American Revolution: From Newspapers and Original Documents by Frank Moore (1860)
"Is it not enough that British troops, who were once the terror of France and Spain, should be made the instruments of butchering thy children! but must they ..."

6. Travels in the Great Western Prairies: The Anahuac and Rocky Mountains, and by Thomas Jefferson Farnham (1843)
"... Traders Walworth and Alvarez's Teams—A Fright—A Nation of Indians—Their Camp and Hunts —A Treaty—A Tempest—Indian butchering—A Hunt among the Buffalo—A ..."

7. The Merv Oasis: Travels and Adventures East of the Caspian During the Years by Edmund O'Donovan (1883)
"... tribes—Bringing in prisoners—A ghastly sight— butchering wounded prisoners—Permission to leave ..."

8. Farm Animals: Covering the General Field of Animal Industry by Thomas Forsyth Hunt, Charles William Burkett (1914)
"Hence, any study of the principles and practices in vogue in butchering farm stock should be encouraged in order that the quality and reputation of the ..."

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