Definition of Cakchiquel

1. Noun. A member of the Mayan people living in south central Guatemala.

Generic synonyms: Maya, Mayan

2. Noun. The Mayan language spoken by the Cakchiquel.
Generic synonyms: Maya, Mayan, Mayan Language

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Literary usage of Cakchiquel

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Native Races of the Pacific States of North America by Hubert Howe Bancroft (1876)
"The Quiche-cakchiquel empire in Guatemala was, at the coming of the Spaniards, the most powerful and famous in North America, except that of the Aztecs in ..."

2. History of Central America by Hubert Howe Bancroft (1886)
"AMIT—OCCUPATION OP THE cakchiquel CAPITAL—EXPEDITION AGAINST ... that the capital of the cakchiquel nation was situated on the slopes of the Volcan de Agua. ..."

3. Aboriginal American Authors and Their Productions: Especially Those in the by Daniel Garrison Brinton (1883)
"The cakchiquel possesses an extensive Christian literature, as it was cultivated ... There are in existence extensive lexicons of cakchiquel, and in it, ..."

4. Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society Held at Philadelphia for by American Philosophical Society (1884)
"of the cakchiquel alphabet, and composed a trilingual vocabulary of K ... Taught cakchiquel and wrote in It a work entitled Scula Oali, frequently quoted by ..."

5. The Mythology of All Races by Louis Herbert Gray, George Foot Moore, John Arnott MacCulloch (1920)
"THE ANNALS OF THE cakchiquel' The cakchiquel Annals do not, like the Popul Vuh, form a work of primarily literary or historical intent, but are, ..."

6. The Annals of the Cakchiquels: The Original Text, with a Translation, Notes by Francisco Hernández Arana Xajilá, Francisco Díaz Gebuta Quej, Daniel Garrison Brinton (1885)
"The cakchiquel tongue was reduced to writing by the Spanish missionaries, and therefore, ... 2 Vocabulario de la Lengua cakchiquel, MS. (1651). ..."

7. The Kansas City Review of Science and Industry (1885)
"A GRAMMAR OF THE cakchiquel LANGUAGE OF GUATEMALA: By DG Brinton, Philadelphia, 1884; pp. 72, 8vo. The Maya dialects constitute a group of Central American ..."

8. Latin-American [mythology] by Hartley Burr Alexander (1920)
"... The cakchiquel Annals do not, like the Popul Vuh, form a work of primarily literary or historical intent, but are, both in form and in content, ..."

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