Definition of Caked

1. Verb. (past of cake#Verb cake) ¹

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Definition of Caked

1. cake [v] - See also: cake

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Literary usage of Caked

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Domestic Animals, History and Description of the Horse, Mule, Cattle, Sheep by Richard Lamb Allen (1856)
"67 caked Bag A pint of horseradish, fed once a day, cut up with potatoes or meal, is useful for the same purpose. May be removed by simmering the bark of ..."

2. Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town by Cory Doctorow (2006)
"Avram's hands were clawed with cold and caked with mud and still echoing the feeling of frozen skin and frozen dirt, and balled up into fists, ..."

3. Domestic Animals: History and Description of the Horse, Mule, Cattle, Sheep by Richard Lamb Allen (1848)
"The cow should be bled, and take a large dose of physic; then wash the udder as in caked bag. Repeated doses of sulphur is a good remedy. ..."

4. Mother and Child by Edward Parker Davis (1902)
"caked Breasts. By the term " caked breasts" is described a condition in which the breasts become over- distended with milk and are hard and painful. ..."

5. Crime Scene and Evidence Collection Handbook (1983)
"The following describes procedures for collecting and preserving caked mud, ... 14.1 caked mud • Use a spoon, knife, or other instrument suitable for ..."

6. Bas-reliefs from the Temple of Rameses I at Abydos by Herbert Eustis Winlock (1921)
"The backs themselves, caked thick in places with a coarse white lime mortar, are entirely unglazed. There are no dowel holes in any of the surviving ..."

7. Sheep-farming in North America by John Alexander Craig, H. P. Miller (1918)
"... caked udder. — There are different forms of this trouble, arising from different causes: congestion with milk, chilling or bruising of udder, ..."

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