Definition of Calicoes

1. Noun. (plural of calico) ¹

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Definition of Calicoes

1. calico [n] - See also: calico

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Literary usage of Calicoes

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Improved Housewife: Or Book of Receipts, with Engravings for Marketing by A. L. Webster (1855)
"To Wash calicoes. Before putting the clothes in water, rub put the grease ... If calicoes incline to fade, set the colors by washing them in lukewarm water, ..."

2. A History of Taxation and Taxes in England from the Earliest Times to the by Stephen Dowell (1888)
"This tax was originally imposed upon—1. silk goods ; 2. calicoes, or foreign cotton goods, so termed from Calicut on the Malabar coast from whence they were ..."

3. The Statutes of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland [1807-1868/69] by Great Britain, George Kettilby Rickards (1811)
"be deemed to be Foreign calicoes, and on their being printed, ... in tin« Kingdom there is no longer any Danger of 1 Foreign calicoes being imported and ..."

4. The Book of Illustrious Mechanics, of Europe and America by Edouard Foucaud (1846)
"calicoes, SILKS, AND OTHER TEXTILE FABRICS. T this period we meet with a founder ... At that time, printed calicoes and chintzes only were known in France, ..."

5. A Collection of Statutes Connected with the General Administration of the by Great Britain, William David Evans, Anthony Hammond, Thomas Colpitts Granger (1836)
"... intituled, An Act for the Encouragement of the Arts of Designing and Fruiting Linens, Cottons, calicoes, and Muslins, by vesting the Properties thereof ..."

6. The Industrial Resources, Etc., of the Southern and Western States by James Dunwoody Brownson De Bow (1852)
"At one time the manufacturers of all Europe, owing to the beauty and cheapness of India muslins, chintzes, and calicoes, apprehended ruin by their ..."

7. Daniel Defoe: His Life, and Recently Discovered Writings ; Extending from by Lee, William, Daniel Defoe (1869)
"Weavers' Riots against calicoes. MJ, June 27.—Peaceable Mist, you write mighty piteously of the poor Weavers, lately in Disorder, and in some part of your ..."

8. The History of India from the Earliest Ages by James Talboys Wheeler (1881)
"They stained calicoes at Masulipatam in a way far superior to what was to be ... Little children, as well as older persons, stretched the calicoes upon the ..."

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