Definition of California bluebell

1. Noun. Desert plant of southern California with blue or violet tubular flowers in terminal racemes.

2. Noun. Annual of southern California with intricately branched stems and lax cymes of aromatic deep blue bell-shaped flowers.
Exact synonyms: Phacelia Campanularia
Generic synonyms: Phacelia, Scorpion Weed, Scorpionweed

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Literary usage of California bluebell

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Wild Flowers of California: Their Names, Haunts, and Habits by Mary Elizabeth Parsons (1906)
"From the campanulate, half-opened buds, it has been called "california bluebell," and among the Spanish-Californians it is known as "Mariana." INNOCENCE. ..."

2. Putnam's Garden Handbook by Mae Savell Croy (1917)
"... Japanese Blanket Flower Blazing Star Bluebell Bougainvillea Bridal Wreath Butterfly Flower california bluebell Calliopsis Campion Abutilon Achillea ..."

3. University of California Publications in Botany by University of California, Berkeley (1903)
"california bluebell. Very common in the canons of the foot-hills and reaching to Chalk Hill and Strawberry Valley. (No. 2280. ..."

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