Definition of California quail

1. Noun. Plump chunky bird of coastal California and Oregon.

Exact synonyms: Lofortyx Californicus
Generic synonyms: Quail

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Literary usage of California quail

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Notes of a Military Reconnoissance, from Fort Leavenworth, in Missouri, to by William Hemsley Emory (1848)
"... the bear, the raccoon, the polecat, the crane, the duck he .lover, he deer, and the california quail.' The latt'er. ..."

2. American Game-bird Shooting by George Bird Grinnell (1910)
"In the california quail the flanks are streaked with white on a brown or grayish ground. The feathers of the belly, in the male, are edged with black, ..."

3. Western Field by Olympic Club (San Francisco, Calif.), California Game and Fish Protective Association (1907)
"... is the California Valley Partridge, (Calli/>el>la Californica vallicola), or "california quail," as it is commonly known throughout its limited range. ..."

4. Birds of the Kotzebue Sound Region, Alaska by Joseph Grinnell (1900)
"Allen, CA Abnormal Plumage of the california quail. ... E[stey], TH [Note on weights of california quail] < Forest & Stream III, January 1875, p. 391. 1875. ..."

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