Definition of Callorhinus ursinus

1. Noun. Of Pacific coast from Alaska southward to California.

Exact synonyms: Alaska Fur Seal
Generic synonyms: Fur Seal

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Literary usage of Callorhinus ursinus

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The American Naturalist by American Society of Naturalists, Essex Institute (1900)
"These are callorhinus ursinus (Z.), the fur seal of Komandorski, Callorhinus alascanus, the fur seal of the Pribilofs, and Callorhinus ..."

2. Materials for the study of variation treated with especial regard to by William Bateson (1894)
"callorhinus ursinus : normally p + mi; one case having - ~" fi and one case with ... callorhinus ursinus, normally §; 2 cases of |. ALLEN, I. c. (cp. '«. ..."

3. Zoe: A Biological Journal by Townshend Stith Brandegee, Katharine Layne Brandegee (1891)
"... among mammals is shown to be the northern fur seal ( callorhinus ursinus) of which the male weighs from three to nearly six times as much as the female. ..."

4. Report on the Condition of the Fur-seal Fisheries of the Pribylov Islands in by Henry Wood Elliott, Bering Sea Tribunal of Arbitration (1893)
"Gradation of the fur of callorhinus ursinus. — The gradation of the fur of callorhinus ursinus may, perhaps, be best presented in the following manner ..."

5. The Cruise of the Marchesa to Kamschatka & New Guinea: With Notices of by Francis Henry Hill Guillemard (1889)
"(callorhinus ursinus.) tip to tip, as given by Mr. Elliott, is from four to four and a half feet. Very soon after their arrival—at most not more than a day ..."

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