Definition of Camp out

1. Verb. Live in or as if in a tent. "The houseguests had to camp in the living room"

Exact synonyms: Bivouac, Camp, Encamp, Tent
Generic synonyms: Dwell, Inhabit, Live, Populate
Derivative terms: Bivouac, Bivouac, Camp, Camp, Camper, Camping, Encampment, Tent, Tenting

Definition of Camp out

1. Verb. (intransitive) To sleep outdoors, often in a tent. ¹

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Literary usage of Camp out

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Forty-four Years of the Life of a Hunter: Being Reminiscences of Meshach by Meshach Browning, Edward Stabler (1859)
"... lasting three months—On recovering, is off after a very large Bear — After a desperate fight, kills him — Had to camp out — Found a Bear in the rocks ..."

2. Austral English: A Dictionary of Australasian Words, Phrases, and Usages by Edward Ellis Morris (1898)
"208 : "So the Bishop determined to ' camp-out' at once where a good fire could be made." 1881. AC Grant, ' Bush Life in Queensland,' vol. ii. p. ..."

3. My Consulate in Samoa: A Record of Four Years' Sojourn in the Navigators by William Brown Churchward (1887)
"... route to the Silver Thread—Beautiful Bush—Banyan Trees—Head of the Silver Thread—Halfway Down Fix—Stinging Tree—Foot of the Silver Thread— camp out. ..."

4. The Encyclopaedia of Sport by Frederick George Aflalo, Hedley Peek (1897)
"Be certain of your man, or woman, before asking either to camp out," is excellent ... Persons camp out for one of three reasons—Big-game shooting, fishing, ..."

5. A Ride Through the Disturbed Districts of New Zealand: Together with Some by Herbert George Philip Meade, Robert Henry Meade (1870)
"... party — camp out — Mountain terraces — New- Zealand pigeon — Mohi'ika — Evening prayers ... camp out ..."

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