Definition of Canary whitewood

1. Noun. Tall North American deciduous timber tree having large tulip-shaped greenish yellow flowers and conelike fruit; yields soft white woods used especially for cabinet work.

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Literary usage of Canary whitewood

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Wood: A Manual of the Natural History and Industrial Applications of the by George Simonds Boulger (1908)
"Imported from New York to Liverpool as " American " or " canary whitewood " in large planks, boards, and waney logs at a price equal to that of the best ..."

2. A Text-book of Wood by Herbert Stone (1921)
"1 White-rot, 203 Whitewood, American or Canary, see canary whitewood Willow, PI. V. fig. 2 — Pollard, PI. V. fig. 2 Wind-shake, 200 Wood, early and late ..."

3. Timber by James Rae Baterden (1908)
"The timber is like ordinary yellow deal or canary whitewood in ... It is less liable to warp than canary whitewood and takes polish remarkably well. ..."

4. A Manual of Forestry by William Schlich (1908)
"The colour of the wood is usually bright red. The Andaman Padauk appears to be the best (Gamble). 28. Tulipwood, canary whitewood (Liriodendron). ..."

5. Country Cottages and Week-end Homes by John Hudson Elder-Duncan (1906)
"The woodwork throughout is of canary whitewood, painted green outside ; and inside, left untouched from the bench. There is scarcely any internal paintwork ..."

6. Technical Reports and Scientific Papers by Sir Frederick Augustus Abel, Imperial Institute (Great Britain) (1903)
"If this wood bears a good reputation at the Cape it might be tried as a substitute for the American canary whitewood, to which it has a strong resemblance. ..."

7. Monthly Consular and Trade Reports by United States Bureau of Manufactures (1898)
"We employ American woods—American black walnut, mahogany, and canary whitewood for the panels and tops of carriages, hickory for the shafts of two- wheeled ..."

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