Definition of Cannonade

1. Noun. Intense and continuous artillery fire.

Exact synonyms: Drumfire
Generic synonyms: Artillery Fire, Cannon Fire

2. Verb. Attack with cannons or artillery.
Generic synonyms: Assail, Attack

Definition of Cannonade

1. n. The act of discharging cannon and throwing ball, shell, etc., for the purpose of destroying an army, or battering a town, ship, or fort; -- usually, an attack of some continuance.

2. v. t. To attack with heavy artillery; to batter with cannon shot.

3. v. i. To discharge cannon; as, the army cannonaded all day.

Definition of Cannonade

1. Noun. Firing artillery in a large amount for a length of time . ¹

2. Verb. To discharge artillery fire. ¹

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Definition of Cannonade

1. [v -ADED, -ADING, -ADES]

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Literary usage of Cannonade

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Invasion of the Crimea: Its Origin, and an Account of Its Progress Down by Alexander Kinglake (1877)
"At cannonade, half-past six in the morning of the 17th of October, three shells were to be discharged from one of the French batteries, and then forthwith ..."

2. History of Europe from the Commencement of the French Revolution to the by Archibald Alison (1860)
"Arrived on the heights of La Lune, on the morning of cannonade the 20th, in a thick haze, ... The affair terminated in a vigorous cannonade on both sides, ..."

3. The Annual Register, Or, A View of the History, Politics, and Literature for by Edmund Burke (1800)
"... and violent cannonade ... Dreadful cannonade and bombardment from the lines, the battering J/tips, ..."

4. History of the Late War Between the United States and Great Britain by Henry Marie Brackenridge (1844)
"Frequent skirmishes occurred, and a cannonade on either side was kept up; but nothing of importance took place until the 17th of September. ..."

5. Andersonville: A Story of Rebel Military Prisons, Fifteen Months a Guest of by John McElroy (1879)
"There was a general expression of determination among the prisoners to answer any cannonade with a desperate attempt to force the Stockade. ..."

6. China and the Allies by Arnold Henry Savage. Landor (1901)
"CHAPTER XXIV A fierce cannonade—The range—Chinese magazine blown up —The ... A FIERCE cannonade was kept up on both sides, the gunboats having moved during ..."

7. Life of General Sir Robert Wilson ...: From Autobiographical Memoirs by Robert Thomas Wilson, Herbert Randolph (1862)
"I saw the enemy retreating pursued by a heavy cannonade, and returned to Platow to ... The cannonade and musketry were very heavy at Deppen where Prince ..."

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