Definition of Cargo hatch

1. Noun. Hatch opening into the cargo compartment.

Generic synonyms: Hatch

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Literary usage of Cargo hatch

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Naval Architecture: A Manual on Laying-off Iron, Steel and Composite Vessels by Thomas Henry Watson (1898)
"Rudder Trunk—Expansion of the Trunk—Iron Deck-house—Expansion of iS Corner Plate—cargo hatch Coamings—cargo hatch Coamings «r Bell-mouth Bottoms—Marking off ..."

2. A Handbook of Practical Shipbuilding by James Douglas MacBride (1921)
"cargo hatch Covers for the design just described are generally of wood plank ... These steel cargo hatch Covers are heavy and require mechanical means to ..."

3. Shipbuilding Cyclopedia: A Reference Book Covering Definitions of by J. L. Bates, Bibber Webster, Stephen McKay Phillips, Alfred Henry Haag (1920)
"cargo hatch. See HATCH, CARGO. Cargo Hoist. See WINCH. Cargo Hold Bulkhead. See BULKHEAD, CARGO HOLD. Cargo Mat. A mat, usually square in form, ..."

4. Modern Shipbuilding Terms by Fred Forrest Pease (1918)
"cargo hatch, cargo hatchway. An opening in a ship's deck for the loading and discharging of any kind of cargo or merchandise. See Plate XIV. ..."

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