Definition of Carotids

1. Noun. (plural of carotid) ¹

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Definition of Carotids

1. carotid [n] - See also: carotid

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Literary usage of Carotids

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease by Philadelphia Neurological Society, American Neurological Association, Chicago Neurological Society, New York Neurological Association (1897)
"COMPRESSION OF THE carotids IN EPILEPSY. But it seems to me that the cases ... Compression of the carotids was introduced early in the present century as a ..."

2. The New York Journal of Medicine by Samuel Smith Purple, Charles Alfred Lee, Henry Daggett Bulkley, Samuel Forry, Stephen Smith (1854)
"of ligature of both carotids for ... The most promising course of treatment was thought to be the ligation of one or both carotids. ..."

3. The Western Journal of Medicine and Surgery by Daniel Drake, Lundsford Pitts Yandell (1841)
"... the vertebral arteries suffice for the cerebral circulation after ligature of the carotids ; 5th, dogs, sheep, and rabbits do not experience ill effects ..."

4. The Medico-chirurgical Review by James Johnson, Henry James Johnson (1844)
"Recollecting then the efficacy of compression of the carotids in cases of epilepsy, he compressed simultaneously these two arteries at the commencement of a ..."

5. Habit and Intelligence: A Series of Essays on the Laws of Life and Mind by Joseph John Murphy, ( (1879)
"These are not now all combined in any known species of parrot, for, strangely enough, those which retain the normal carotids have lost the ambiens muscle. ..."

6. The Medico-chirurgical Review, and Journal of Practical Medicine (1844)
"Recollecting then the efficacy of compression of the carotids in cases of ... Dr. Allier remarks, that the compression of the carotids has not yet heen ..."

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