Definition of Carpenter's square

1. Noun. A steel square used by carpenters; larger than a try square.

Generic synonyms: Square

Definition of Carpenter's square

1. Noun. (carpentry) A tool used to measure out right angles. ¹

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Literary usage of Carpenter's square

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Plane Geometry by John Charles Stone, James Franklin Millis (1916)
"Pattern makers and others use the carpenter,s square as follows to determine if a half- round hole is a true semicircle: The square is placed as in the ..."

2. Shop and Foundry Practice: Prepared for Students of the International by International Correspondence Schools (1901)
"The well-known carpenter-s square, which is of the graduated type, is used for a large variety of work in the machine shop. For many ordinary uses it ..."

3. Manual Training for Common Schools: An Organized Course in Wood-working by Eldreth Gordon Allen, Fassett Allen Cotton (1910)
"The long blade of the carpenter,s square is a good When the face is finished it should F«- "-c%SS%Mu$!u'Used " be marked, for, as we have said, ..."

4. A Treatise on Wooden Trestle Bridges According to the Present Practice on by Wolcott Cronk Foster (1900)
"It is used in the same manner as an ordinary carpenter.s square. Some designers prefer to have the batter-posts touch the plumb-posts where they meet the ..."

5. The Practice of Engineering Field Work, Applied to Land, Hydrographic, and by W. Davis Haskoll (1858)
"... it will often be found a very good plan to employ a boy to carry a large carpenter-s square, by means of which it may be directly seen whether the ..."

6. A treatise on mountain roads, live loads, and bridges by Henry St. Clair Wilkins (1879)
"No measurements should be taken by means of chains and tapes, and angles and levels should not be set off with the mason-s and carpenter-s square and level. ..."

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