Definition of Cartilaginous structure

1. Noun. Body structure given shape by cartilage.

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Literary usage of Cartilaginous structure

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Operative Surgery by Frederic Carpenter Skey (1801)
"The course of the temporal artery can be traced by the finger Pr passing upwards immediately in front of the cartilaginous structure ° nerve- of the ..."

2. An Epitome of Braithwaite's Retrospect of Practical Medicine and Surgery by William Braithwaite, Walter S. Wells (1860)
"... implicated with the cicatrix, as by the adhesion and conm ction of tbe cicatriz by firm, unyielding, cartilaginous structure to the periosteum or bone. ..."

3. The London Medical Gazette (1835)
"The cysts are of a semi-cartilaginous structure. The non-encysted, of which these are specimens [presenting them] arc very irregular in their forms : their ..."

4. Injuries and diseases of the jaws by Christopher Heath (1868)
"In the early stages of the disease the tumour consists of a dense elastic substance, resembling fibro-cartilaginous structure, but the resemblance is more ..."

5. The Foot-prints of the Creator: Or, The Asterolepis of Stromness by Hugh Miller, Louis Agassiz (1868)
"In the first place, let us remark, that the cartilaginous structure of the ... the cartilaginous structure of the higher vertebrata in the embryonic siale. ..."

6. The Monthly Journal of Medicine (1855)
"That fibrous tumours can be absorbed, when not entirely of a cartilaginous structure, is a fact. They are found so frequently in the body and fundus of the ..."

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