Definition of Catawbas

1. n. pl. An Appalachian tribe of Indians which originally inhabited the regions near the Catawba river and the head waters of the Santee.

Definition of Catawbas

1. Noun. (plural of Catawba) ¹

2. Noun. (plural of catawba) ¹

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Definition of Catawbas

1. catawba [n] - See also: catawba

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Literary usage of Catawbas

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The State Records of North Carolina by North Carolina, Walter Clark, William Laurence Saunders, Stephen Beauregard Weeks (1910)
"412. encourages catawbas to drive whites off lands, 6. 144. forbids catawbas to go northward, 6. 584. gives no aid on Cherokee fort, 6. ..."

2. The Life and Times of Sir William Johnson, Bart. by William Leete Stone (1865)
"... and a few of the western tribes, became greatly inflamed against the catawbas, a small tribe depending chiefly upon Virginia, and residing principally, ..."

3. History of Mecklenburg County and the City of Charlotte from 1740 to 1903 by Daniel Augustus Tompkins (1903)
"The catawbas, like other Indians, delighted in pomp and show, painted their faces and wore feathers ... Hence, it seems that these catawbas were no better ..."

4. The American Race: A Linguistic Classification and Ethnographic Description by Daniel Garrison Brinton (1901)
"The catawbas in the area of North and South Carolinas were one of these, and in former times are said to have had a wide extension. ..."

5. Letters to Washington, and Accompanying Papers by George Washington, Stanislaus Murray Hamilton (1899)
"A& SIR, About zo Dales agoe, there came to my House twenty Six Indians of the catawbas Nation, with two War Captains, Capt French, or the French Warrior, ..."

6. Calendar of Virginia State Papers and Other Manuscripts: ... Preserved in by Virginia, William Pitt Palmer, Sherwin McRae, Raleigh Edward Colston, Henry W. Flournoy (1875)
"... with the catawbas, on account of the Murder of many of the former during the past winter—Attack made by the catawbas on Blounts' Town—The ..."

7. The History of the United States of America by Richard Hildreth (1877)
"... along the north bank of the Savannah, the catawbas on the river of that name, and the Tuscaroras on the Neuse, said to be the remnants of the ..."

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