Definition of Catchment area

1. Noun. The entire geographical area drained by a river and its tributaries; an area characterized by all runoff being conveyed to the same outlet. "Flood control in the Missouri basin"

Medical Definition of Catchment area

1. A geographic area defined and served by a health program or institution. (12 Dec 1998)

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Literary usage of Catchment area

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Alcohol Use Among U. S. Ethnic Minorities edited by Danielle Spiegler (1993)
"Alcohol Abuse in Blacks and Whites as Indicated in the Epidemiological Catchment Area Program Lee N. Robins, Ph.D. Washington University School of Medicine ..."

2. Preventive Medicine and Hygiene by Milton Joseph Rosenau, George Chandler Whipple, John William Trask, Thomas William Salmon (1921)
"The ideal catchment area is free from human habitation and is covered with ... It is often impossible to remove population from a catchment area, and, ..."

3. Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society Held at Philadelphia for by American Philosophical Society (1909)
"The evaporation of the Oswego River catchment area is exceedingly large—about 28 inches—whence it results that the run-off from a mean annual rainfall of ..."

4. Agricultural Expansion and Pioneer Settlements in the Humid Tropics by Walther Manshard, William B. Morgan (1988)
"... and Dynamics of Land-Use Systems in a Mountain- Valley Environment: A Case Study of New Colonization Areas in the Upper Mae Nam Pa Sak catchment area, ..."

5. The Geographical Journal by Royal Geographical Society (Great Britain). (1897)
"The storm-waters from the catchment area of the cone-slopes drain partly into ... Northern catchment area. The northern catchment area is about three times ..."

6. Cyclopedia of Civil Engineering: A General Reference Work on Surveying by American Technical Society (1920)
"The maximum discharge from a catchment area tributary to a reservoir is of the utmost importance in the design of a dam and a spillway. ..."

7. An Inquiry Into the Conditions Relating to the Water-supply of the City of by Merchants' Association of New York (1900)
"3, in cubic feet per second per square mile of catchment area, is 1.74 cubic feet. On Lake George catchment area, water surface is proportionally so much ..."

8. Indian Storage Reservoirs with Earthen Dams: Being a Practical Treatise on by William Lumisden Strange (1913)
"Measurement of the catchment area.—To determine the catchment area, it will generally suffice to mark the watershed on the topographical maps, ..."

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