Definition of Caucasic

1. Adjective. Of or relating to the geographical region of Caucasia. "Caucasian languages"

Exact synonyms: Caucasian
Derivative terms: Caucasia, Caucasus, Caucasus
Partainyms: Caucasus, Caucasus

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Literary usage of Caucasic

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Science by American Association for the Advancement of Science (1895)
"CURRENT NOTES ON ANTHROPOLOGY (VI.). THE caucasic LINGUISTIC STOCK. COL. ... course excluded), belong to one family, which should be called the ' caucasic. ..."

2. Ethnology by Augustus Henry Keane (1896)
"North Africa probable cradle of the caucasic race—which spread ... of caucasic Type—Physical Characters of Homo caucasicus—White, Brown and Dark Hamites— ..."

3. Asia: With Ethnological Appendix by Augustus Henry Keane, Richard Carnac Temple (1882)
"For caucasic recent German writers frequently use the geographical expression " Mediterranean," so as to embrace the peoples settled round the shores of the ..."

4. The World's Peoples: A Popular Account of Their Bodily & Mental Characters by Augustus Henry Keane (1908)
"To the question where was the caucasic type constituted in all its essential features, no final answer can be given; but it may be confidently stated that ..."

5. Races and Peoples: Lectures on the Science of Ethnography by Daniel Garrison Brinton (1890)
"Arrival in Asia. Location. Members. Indian Aryans. Appearance. Mental aptitude. III. THE caucasic STOCK. Its languages. Various groups and members. ..."

6. Asia by Augustus Henry Keane (1896)
"Mongol and caucasic tribes seem to be intermingled in the Cochin-Chinese and Yun-nan highlands ; many of the low-caste tribes of the Deccan, if not all the ..."

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