Definition of Caudate

1. Noun. A tail-shaped basal ganglion located in a lateral ventricle of the brain.

Exact synonyms: Caudate Nucleus
Generic synonyms: Basal Ganglion
Group relationships: Corpus Striatum, Striate Body, Striatum

2. Adjective. Having a tail or taillike appendage.

3. Noun. Amphibians that resemble lizards.
Exact synonyms: Urodele
Generic synonyms: Amphibian
Group relationships: Caudata, Order Caudata, Order Urodella, Urodella

4. Adjective. (of a leaf shape) tapering gradually into a long taillike tip.
Similar to: Simple, Unsubdivided

Definition of Caudate

1. a. Having a tail; having a termination like a tail.

Definition of Caudate

1. Adjective. (botany) Tapering into a long, tail-like extension at the apex. ¹

2. Adjective. (zoology) Having a tail; Of or pertaining to the ''Caudata'' order of amphibians ¹

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Definition of Caudate

1. a basal ganglion of the brain [n -S]

Medical Definition of Caudate

1. Having a narrow tail-like appendage. (09 Oct 1997)

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Literary usage of Caudate

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Physiological Anatomy and Physiology of Man by Robert Bentley Todd, William Bowman (1857)
"Both the vesicles and their caudate processes vary greatly in size and shape. ... There is great difference in the shape of these caudate vesicles, ..."

2. Bioplasm: An Introduction to the Study of Physiology & Medicine by Lionel Smith Beale (1872)
"Angular or caudate nerve cells are characteristic of the great central nerve ... If we examine the caudate cells in the gray matter of the spinal cord and ..."

3. The Applied anatomy of the nervous system by Ambrose Loomis Ranney (1888)
"Experiments made upon the caudate and lenticular nuclei can hardly be said to have afforded results which can be made the basis for positive deductions ..."

4. A Flora of Western Middle California by Willis Linn Jepson (1911)
"Anthers not caudate ¡it li.-isc. Pappus of awns or bristles (except Bellis). . Flowers of both disk and ray yellow (except in ..."

5. Gray's New Manual of Botany: A Handbook of the Flowering Plants and Ferns of by Asa ( Gray, Merritt Lyndon Fernald, Benjamin Lincoln Robinson (1908)
"Cymes sessile ; drupes more than 1 сш. loup. Leaves subtending the inflorescence mostly caudate-acuminate . 18. ..."

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