Definition of Cell-mediated immune response

1. Noun. An immune response (chiefly against viral or fungal invasions or transplanted tissue) that involves T cells.

Definition of Cell-mediated immune response

1. Noun. An immune response produced by the lymphokines secreted when sensitized T cells directly attack foreign antigens ¹

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Literary usage of Cell-mediated immune response

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

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"However, there has been no report of a cell-mediated immune response in external secretions. The increasing awareness that cell-mediated immunity functions ..."

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"As the innate immune response is critical to controlling viral infections and directing the subsequent cell-mediated immune response, alterations in the ..."

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"Although the mechanism of antigen recognition and the resulting production of humoral antibodies and the ability to mount a cell-mediated immune response ..."

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"... the clinical studies to date portray a significantly depressed cell-mediated immune response in asbestos-exposed individuals. ..."

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