Definition of Central city

1. Noun. The central part of a city.

Exact synonyms: City Center, City Centre
Generic synonyms: Center, Centre, Eye, Heart, Middle
Group relationships: City, Metropolis, Urban Center

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Literary usage of Central city

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The City: Urban Communities and Their Problems by Alan S. Berger (1978)
"Industry moved because of its need for space and to avoid the congestion of the central city. Central place functions have moved to avoid problems of crime, ..."

2. Homelessness: Programs and the People They Serve: Findings of the National by Martha R. Burt (1999)
"21The exception Co this generalization is people who became homeless in a large central city. There is no category to represent any moves of these people to ..."

3. A History of Muhlneberg County by Otto Arthur Rothert (1913)
"In March, 1913, Congress appropriated $7500 for the purchase of a site for a Federal building in central city, which the Government ..."

4. Our New West: Records of Travel Between the Mississippi River and the by Samuel Bowles (1869)
"The Roads from Denver into the Mountains—What they Reveal to the Traveler—How Pleasure Parties Travel and Camp—The North Clear Creek and central city—The ..."

5. Sketches from America by John White (1870)
"About twenty-five miles from central city, the stage reached its goal, Georgetown. It was too dark to see much of the village, but the inn, which had been ..."

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