Definition of Centralised

1. Adjective. Drawn toward a center or brought under the control of a central authority. "Centralized government"

Exact synonyms: Centralized
Antonyms: Decentralized

Definition of Centralised

1. Adjective. (British) (alternative spelling of centralized) ¹

2. Verb. (past of centralise) ¹

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Definition of Centralised

1. centralise [v] - See also: centralise

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Literary usage of Centralised

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Roman Empire: Essays on the Constitutional History from the Accession of by Frederick William Bussell (1910)
"CHAPTER IV centralised ABSOLUTISM; OR, THE SYSTEM OP DIOCLETIAN AND ... To say that control is centralised seems to imply to many people that the ..."

2. The Spirit of Russia: Studies in History, Literature and Philosophy by Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk (1919)
"... countries trade was more lucrative in a large area with a centralised and unified administration, freed from tariff hindrances imposed by petty states. ..."

3. Indian Polity: A View of the System of Administration in India by George Tomkyns Chesney (1894)
"... which the security and efficacy of the British Government in India is mainly dependent, some account of the centralised departments may first be given. ..."

4. An Introduction to the History of the Science of Politics by Frederick Pollock (1920)
"... my own I have to add is this: that the minimisers appear not to distinguish sufficiently the action of the State in general from its centralised action. ..."

5. Book Auction Recordsby Frank Karslake by Frank Karslake (1906)
"One of the evils of the modern commercial system is that business becomes too much centralised, and everything of the best and most profitable kind tends to ..."

6. Oecd Economic Surveys: Belgiu; 2007 by Oecd (2007)
"This calls for a substantial reform of the centralised approach to wage bargaining, ... Recent reforms to centralised wage bargaining systems in Nordic ..."

7. Starting Strong II: Early Childhood Education and Care by Publi Oecd Published by Oecd Publishing, Oecd, OECD., SourceOECD (Online service, SourceOECD (Online service). (2006)
"Co-ordinated policy frameworks at centralised level Early childhood policy is a complex field. It is concerned with providing education and care to young ..."

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