Definition of Centre of flotation

1. Noun. The center of gravity of a floating object.

Exact synonyms: Center Of Flotation
Generic synonyms: Center Of Gravity, Centre Of Gravity

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Literary usage of Centre of flotation

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Theoretical Naval Architecture: A Treatise on the Calculations Involved in by Samuel James Pope Thearle (1877)
"... Calculation—Dynamical Stability—Dynamical Surface Stability—Specimen Calculation—Surface of Flotation—Centre of Flotation—Axis of Level Motion—Curve of ..."

2. Text-book of Theoretical Naval Architecture by Edward Lewis Attwood (1902)
"We see, therefore, that if we place a weight of moderate amount on board a ship at any other place than over the centre of flotation, she will not sink in ..."

3. A Manual of Naval Architecture for Use of Officers of the Royal Navy by Sir William Henry White (1900)
"To determine the instantaneous centre, it is then only necessary to consider the simultaneous motions of the point of support, or " centre of flotation," F, ..."

4. Yacht Architecture: A Treatise on the Laws which Govern the Resistance of by Dixon Kemp (1897)
"... coupled with the condition that the centre of flotation of the upright position being far abaft the vertical in which the centre of buoyancy is found, ..."

5. A Manual of Naval Architecture: For the Use of Officers of the Royal Navy by William Henry White (1882)
"An ordinary ship presents different conditions, as shown in Fig. 50; where the FIQ.5O. centre of flotation F does not lie on the vertical line ..."

6. War-ships: A Text-book on the Construction, Protection, Stability, Turning by Edward Lewis Attwood (1917)
"The centre of flotation in ships of the Navy is usually abaft amidships, on the average ... We imagine the weight is added first at the centre of flotation, ..."

7. The Naval Constructor: A Vade Mecum of Ship Design for Students, Naval by George Simpson (1914)
"... Centre of Flotation—Approximate Rule for LBM —Moment to Change Trim — Change of Trim — Moment to Alter Trim One Inch ..."

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