Medical Definition of Cervical spine fractures

1. Hyperflexion injury (46-79%), odontoid fracture, simple wedge fracture (stable), tear drop fracture, anterior subluxation, bilateral locked facets (unstable), anterior disc space narrowing, widened interspinous distance, clay shoveler's fracture hyperextension injury (20-38%), anteriorly widened disc space, prevertebral swelling, tear drop fracture, neural arch fracture of C1, subluxation (anterior/posterior), hangman's fracture flexion-rotation injury (12%), unilateral locked facets (stable) vertical compression (12%), Jefferson fracture, burst fracture lateral flexion/shearing (4-6%), uncinate fracture, isolated pillar fracture, transverse process fracture, lateral vertebral compression location (by frequency): C2,C6 greater than C5,C7 greater than C3,C4 greater than C1 see: atlas fracture, axis fracture, unstable fractures (12 Dec 1998)

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