Definition of Cesar franck

1. Noun. French composer and teacher who influenced a generation of composers (1822-1890).

Exact synonyms: Franck
Generic synonyms: Composer

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Literary usage of Cesar franck

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Story-lives of Master Musicians by Harriette Moore Brower (1922)
"XVII cesar franck WHATEVER we learn of cesar franck endears him to all who ... In Liege, Belgium, it was that cesar franck was born, December 10, 1822. ..."

2. The New Poetry: An Anthology by Alice Corbin Henderson (1917)
"... A CHORALE BY cesar franck In an old chamber softly lit We heard the Chorale played, And where you sat, an exquisite Image of Life and lover of it, ..."

3. The Appreciation of Music, Vol. II: Great Modern Composers by Daniel Gregory Mason, Mary L. Mason (1916)
"Contrast Franck Saint-Sa, As we have seen, Saint-Saens is a man of the world, of social aplomb, finesse, and address ; cesar franck was a simple, ..."

4. Symphonies and Their Meaning: Third Series: Modern Symphonies by Philip Henry Goepp (1913)
"Only, his harmonic manner was * If language and association, as against the place of birth, may define nationality, we have in cesar franck another worthy ..."

5. French Organ Music Past and Present by Harvey Grace (1919)
"CHAPTER IV N cesar franck we have a composer who must be considered at greater length than most, because of his influence not only on some or his ..."

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