Definition of Cetonia aurata

1. Noun. A common metallic green European beetle: larvae feed on plant roots and adults on leaves and flowers of e.g. roses.

Exact synonyms: Rose Beetle, Rose Chafer
Generic synonyms: Scarabaean, Scarabaeid, Scarabaeid Beetle
Group relationships: Cetonia, Genus Cetonia

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Literary usage of Cetonia aurata

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Essays and Observations on Natural History, Anatomy, Physiology, Psychology by John Hunter, Richard Owen (1861)
"Male Paris of the Rose-beetle [cetonia aurata]. The male parts consist of a penis, testes, and other glandular ducts. They are all contained within the ..."

2. The Entomologist's Monthly Magazine by Nathaniel Lloyd and Company (1896)
"Abundance of cetonia aurata in 1895.—I have been informed on good authority that cetonia aurata, the rose beetle, has been of late years much scarcer than ..."

3. Edinburgh New Philosophical Journal, Exhibiting a View of the Progressive by Robert Jameson, Sir William Jardine, Henry D Rogers (1858)
"cetonia aurata and Hydrophobia.—^ 1851 M. Guerin Meneville inserted a notice in his Revue et Magazin de Zoologie, that in Russia the cetonia aurata, ..."

4. Cooley's Cyclopædia of Practical Receipts and Collateral Information in the by Arnold James Cooley, W. North (1892)
"... of strawberry plants, though Professor Lintner thinks that its lame do not hurt their roots. Life History. The cetonia aurata is a species of the ..."

5. The Edinburgh New Philosophical Journal (1858)
"cetonia aurata and Hydrophobia.:—In 1851 M. Guerin Meneville inserted a notice in his Revue et Magasin de Zoologie, that in Russia the cetonia aurata, ..."

6. The Zoological Record ...: Being Records of Zoological Literature by Zoological Record Association (London, England), Zoological Society of London (1881)
"cetonia aurata. Westwood alludes to Kraatz and Harold's opinions relative to the various forms of this species, and expresses his conviction that his ..."

7. The Entomologist's Record and Journal of Variation by James William Tutt, Malcolm Burr (1890)
"cetonia aurata IN NUMBERS.—On August 3rd, in the meadows at the back of Cortina, on the slopes of the Sorapis, I saw several large plants of a very ..."

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