Definition of Changeabilities

1. changeability [n] - See also: changeability

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changeabilities (current term)

Literary usage of Changeabilities

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Elements of Physics: Or, Natural Philosophy, General and Medical by Neil Arnott, Isaac Hays (1853)
"Consumption is the disease which carries off a fifth or more of the persons born in Britain ; owing in part, no doubt, to the changeabilities of the ..."

2. A Treatise on the External, Chemical, and Physical Characters of Minerals by Robert Jameson (1816)
"The various changeabilities of colour, their patterns or delineations, and other similar varieties of character, ought to be defined and arranged as they ..."

3. The Fountain: With Jets of New Meanings by Andrew Jackson Davis (1870)
"... guardians, or teachers who are not constituted and trained so that they can comprehend children—can take pleasure in their incessant changeabilities, ..."

4. On the Character and Work of Christ by William Benjamin Hayden (1849)
"We are too fond of imputing all our human changeabilities, passions, emotions, and moods, to the Divine Being himself; because it is so expressed in the ..."

5. The Harbinger of Health: Containing Medical Prescriptions for the Human Body by Andrew Jackson Davis (1879)
"Under these recurrent changeabilities, it is more than simply unreasonable — it is pure folly — to expect a uniform condition of either the mental or bodily ..."

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