Definition of Charles grey

1. Noun. Englishman who as Prime Minister implemented social reforms including the abolition of slavery throughout the British Empire (1764-1845).

Exact synonyms: Grey, Second Earl Grey
Generic synonyms: National Leader, Solon, Statesman

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Literary usage of Charles grey

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Greville Memoirs: A Journal of the Reigns of King George IV., King by Charles Greville (1899)
"... in Spain—Walcheren—The King's Address to Sir charles grey—Stanley and Graham cross the House—Failure of Stanley's Tactics—Alava and the Duke of ..."

2. The Annual Register edited by Edmund Burke (1839)
"Sir Edward Sugden discovers a New Objection-.Sir charles grey holds the Transportation to Bermuda • to be legal—Bill passes through Committee ..."

3. Memorials and Correspondence of Charles James Fox by Charles James Fox (1854)
"TO THE HON charles grey. " DEAR GREY, " ST. ANNE'S HILL, Wednesday. " I had yesterday the enclosed letter from Wyvill, which rather embarrassed me. ..."

4. An Auto-biographical Memoir of Sir John Barrow, Bart., Late of the Admiralty by John Barrow (1847)
"charles grey. February 10, 1806—September 29, 1806. ... charles grey, through Mr. Marsden, expressive of his sincere regret at being under the painful ..."

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