Definition of Chemical balance

1. Noun. A beam balance of great precision used in quantitative chemical analysis.

Exact synonyms: Analytical Balance
Generic synonyms: Beam Balance

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Literary usage of Chemical balance

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Quantitative Chemical Analysis: Adapted for Use in the Laboratories of by Frank Clowes, Joseph Bernard Coleman (1900)
"SECTION I. THE chemical balance. WEIGHTS AND WEIGHING. ... A convenient form of chemical balance, and the method of using it, are described below. ..."

2. Elements of Physics by Henry Augustus Rowland, Joseph Sweetman Ames (1900)
"A chemical balance is an instrument designed to measure the mass of a body. It consists essentially of a light, rigid metal beam so supported on a ..."

3. The Chemical News and Journal of Industrial ScienceCh (1902)
"... £1/9/6 £1/13/6 chemical balance ;-TO. за. i2-inch Beam, with Agate Knife- edges, working on Agate Plane». Carries loo grammes in each Pan, ..."

4. Physico-chemical Methods by Isidor Traube, Willett Lepley Hardin (1898)
"I. THE chemical balance. General Rules for Weighing.—The balance is placed so that it is protected from the direct rays of the sun and other sources of heat ..."

5. A Manual of Experiments in Physics, Laboratory Instruction for College Classes by Joseph Sweetman Ames, William Julian Albert Bliss (1898)
"To determine the mass of the hard rubber cylinder whose volume was found in Experiment 5. The use of a chemical balance. Reading a barometer. ..."

6. A Manual of Experiments in Physics, Laboratory Instruction for College Classes by Joseph Sweetman Ames, William Julian Albert Bliss (1898)
"General Theory of the chemical balance. The analytical or chemical balance differs from scales designed for a less accurate comparison of masses chiefly in ..."

7. Electric Furnaces in the Iron and Steel Industry by Wm Rodenhauser, I. Schoenawa (1917)
"chemical balance Sheet.—100 kg. ore (1/10 of a metric ton) = 70.45 kg. iron. This requires: (a) For reduction and combination of the 26.62 kg. oxygen, ..."

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