Definition of Chemical science

1. Noun. The science of matter; the branch of the natural sciences dealing with the composition of substances and their properties and reactions.

Exact synonyms: Chemistry
Examples of category: Electronegativity, Negativity, Atomic Mass, Atomic Weight, Relative Atomic Mass, Molecular Weight, Relative Molecular Mass, Valence, Valency, Ph, Ph Scale, Dalton's Law, Dalton's Law Of Partial Pressures, Law Of Partial Pressures, Distribution Law, Equilibrium Law, Law Of Chemical Equilibrium, Henry's Law, Law Of Constant Proportion, Law Of Definite Proportions, Law Of Equivalent Proportions, Law Of Reciprocal Proportions, Dalton's Law, Law Of Multiple Proportions, Law Of Mass Action, Mendeleev's Law, Periodic Law, Organic Chemistry, Atomic Theory, Atomism, Atomist Theory, Atomistic Theory, Arrhenius Theory Of Dissociation, Theory Of Dissociation, Theory Of Electrolytic Dissociation, Ostwald's Theory Of Indicators, Theory Of Indicators, Migration, Allomerism, Sublimation, Periodic Table, Chain, Chemical Chain, Closed Chain, Ring, Long Chain, Long-chain Molecule, Chemist, Chemical Phenomenon, Pleomorphism, Polymorphism, Dimorphism, Absorption, Soaking Up, Association, Chemical Action, Chemical Change, Chemical Process, Chemical Reaction, Reaction, Chemical Decomposition Reaction, Decomposition, Decomposition Reaction, Displacement, Displacement Reaction, Dissociation, Electrolysis, Imbibition, Osmosis, Reverse Osmosis, Rectification, Acid Value, Equilibrium Constant, Abundance, Stoichiometry, Saturation Point, State, State Of Matter, Activity, Multivalence, Multivalency, Polyvalence, Polyvalency, Acceptor, Mixture, Atom, Monad, Chemical Group, Group, Radical, Fullerene, Actinide Series, Emulsion, Molecule, Accelerator, Catalyst, Sensitiser, Sensitizer, Anticatalyst, Buffer, Chemical Compound, Compound, Foryml, Fluorocarbon, Indicator, Convert, Deaden, Alkalinise, Alkalinize, Alkalinise, Alkalinize, Equilibrate, Alchemise, Alchemize, Suspend, Resuspend, Clean, Scavenge, Include, Butylate, Iodise, Iodize, Nitrate, Strip, Break Down, Break Up, Decompose, Dissociate, Bate, Attenuate, Rarefy, Moonshine, Distil, Distill, Distil, Distill, Extract, Deoxidise, Deoxidize, Reduce, Crack, Crack, Catabolise, Catabolize, Oxidate, Oxidise, Oxidize, Acetify, Acidify, Alkalify, Alkalise, Alkalize, Basify, Reform, Reform, Polymerise, Polymerize, Copolymerise, Copolymerize, Polymerise, Polymerize, Catalyse, Catalyze, Peptise, Peptize, Resublime, Calcine, Carbonise, Carbonize, Carburise, Carburize, Transmute, Conjugate, Admix, Alloy, Solvate, Solvate, React, Build, Saturate, Distill, Make Pure, Purify, Sublimate, Isolate, Preisolate, Ammonify, Thoriate, Coke, Decarboxylate, Decarboxylate, Denitrify, Detoxicate, Detoxify, Esterify, Etherify, Acetylate, Acetylise, Acetylize, Acetylate, Acetylise, Acetylize, Carboxylate, Saponify, Saponify, Volatilise, Volatilize, Bind, Ligate, Desorb, Desorb, Demineralise, Demineralize, Isomerise, Isomerize, Isomerise, Isomerize, Sequester, Transaminate, Fractionate, Fractionate, Sulfurette, Sulphurette, Absorb, Adsorb, Sorb, Take Up, Carburet, Formulate, Free, Liberate, Release, Glycerolise, Glycerolize, Deglycerolise, Deglycerolize, Inhibit, Acidic, Acid, Alkalic, Alkaline, Basic, Amphiprotic, Amphoteric, Reversible, Hydrophobic, Hydrophilic, Oleophilic, Lipophilic, Lipotropic, Critical, Noncritical, Cyclic, Acyclic, Open-chain, Saturated, Unsaturated, Free, Bound, Conjugate, Conjugated, Conjugate, Conjugated, Heavy, Light, Iodinating, De-iodinating, Membered, Monovalent, Univalent, Multivalent, Polyvalent, Man-made, Semisynthetic, Synthetic, Clathrate, Organic, Inorganic, Technical Grade, Technical-grade, Reactive, Unreactive, Inactive, Indifferent, Inert, Neutral, Rich, Supernatant, Volatile, Hydrated, Hydrous, Anhydrous, Alkylic, Allylic, Aromatic, Azido, Benzylic, Cacodylic, Carbocyclic, Carbolated, Carbonyl, Carbonylic, Carboxyl, Carboxylic, Mercuric, Mercurous, Valent, Polymorphic, Polymorphous, Ethereal, Bivalent, Divalent, Pentavalent, Tetravalent, Trivalent, Reversibly
Generic synonyms: Natural Science
Specialized synonyms: Chemoimmunology, Immunochemistry, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Femtochemistry, Geochemistry, Photochemistry, Nuclear Chemistry, Radiochemistry, Surface Chemistry, Thermochemistry
Derivative terms: Chemic, Chemical, Chemical, Chemist, Chemist

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Literary usage of Chemical science

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Science by American Association for the Advancement of Science (1892)
"In the preface of his dictionary of solubilities, in 1856, Professor Storer said, " that chemical science itself might gain many advantages if all known ..."

2. Chemical News and Journal of Physical Science (1870)
"Students at'ending this Class must be acquainted with the principles of Chemical Science. Fee, £2 26. Analytical and Practical Chemistry. LABORATORY COURSE. ..."

3. Report of the Annual Meeting (1883)
"The PRESIDENT delivered the following Address:— IF I were asked in what direction chemical science had of late boon making the most important advances, ..."

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