Definition of Chestnut-bark disease

1. Noun. A disease of American chestnut trees.

Exact synonyms: Chestnut Blight, Chestnut Canker
Generic synonyms: Blight

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Literary usage of Chestnut-bark disease

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Journal of Heredity by American Genetic Association (1914)
"THE CHESTNUT BARK DISEASE An Undesirable Immigrant Which Has Secured ... The disease above referred to is what we now know as the Chestnut Bark Disease, ..."

2. Transactions by Massachusetts Horticultural Society (1913)
"The chestnut bark disease. US Dept. Agr., Yearbook for 1912, pp. 363-372. 1913. ... (40) Collins, JF The chestnut bark disease on chestnut fruits. ..."

3. Forestry in New England: A Handbook of Eastern Forest Management by Ralph Chipman Hawley, Austin Foster Hawes (1912)
"The chestnut bark disease has already appeared in the Rhode Island and Massachusetts sections of the region and threatens the destruction of the chestnut. ..."

4. Forestry Quarterly by New York State College of Forestry (1914)
"Naturally the chestnut bark disease was suspected, although at that time it was not known to occur outside the confines of the Eastern States, ..."

5. The Conference Called by the Governor of Pennsylvania to Consider Ways and by Raymond Allen Pearson (1912)
"H. and Collins, JF The control of the chestnut bark disease. ... Reported by Dr. Metcalf at a conference on the chestnut bark disease held in Albany, NY, ..."

6. Manual of Tree Diseases by William Howard Rankin (1918)
"Giddings, NJ The chestnut bark disease. West Virginia Agr. Exp. Sta. ... Metcalf, H., and Collins, JF The control of the chestnut bark disease. US Dept. ..."

7. The Encyclopedia of Practical Horticulture: A Reference System of Commercial by Granville Lowther, William Worthington (1914)
"See Chestnut Bark Disease, this section. CROWN GALL. See under Apple Diseases. CHESTNUT PESTS Chestnut Weevils According to Chittenden* there are two ..."

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