Definition of Chewing

1. Noun. Biting and grinding food in your mouth so it becomes soft enough to swallow.

Exact synonyms: Chew, Manduction, Mastication
Generic synonyms: Change Of State
Specialized synonyms: Chomping, Gumming, Mumbling, Rumination
Group relationships: Eating, Feeding
Derivative terms: Chew, Chewy, Chewy, Chew, Masticate

Definition of Chewing

1. Verb. (present participle of chew) ¹

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Definition of Chewing

1. chew [v] - See also: chew

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Literary usage of Chewing

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Smoking & Health in the Americas: A 1992 Report of the Surgeon General, in by DIANE Publishing Company, Louis W. Sullivan (1995)
"Amerigo Vespucci reported the custom of leaf chewing among Indians (de Navarrete ... Vespucci might have observed tobacco chewing with lime, but he did not ..."

2. Food Ingestion and Energy Transformations: With Special Reference to the by Francis Gano Benedict, Thorne Martin Carpenter (1918)
"Analyses of chewing gum give 62 to 69 per cent of soluble carbohydrates. When the basal values were determined immediately before the chewing periods, ..."

3. The Library of Wit and Humor, Prose and Poetry: Selected from the Literature by Ainsworth Rand Spofford, Rufus Edmonds Shapley (1894)
"He told everybody who came in what a simple thing it was to stop chewing. The third day he harped about it all day long. He told one man about it three ..."

4. Child Training by Angelo Patri (1922)
"GUM chewing Aunt Marie was visiting her favorite niece. ... "Now, Aunt Marie, chewing gum isn't going to do the children any harm. ..."

5. Hand Book of the United States Tariff: Containing the Tariff Act of 1913 by Vandegrift, F.B., & Co, United States (1913)
"chewing gum, Red Rose, manufactured by the American Chicle Company ... chewing gum, manufactured by the Newton Gum Company, of San Francisco, Gal., ..."

6. Ceylon: An Account of the Island Physical, Historical and Topographical by Sir James Emerson Tennent (1859)
"3 For an account of the medicinal influence of betel chewing, Bee Part I. c. iii. ... Tliis probably refers to th>> chewing of betel and it,s accompaniments ..."

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