Definition of Chinaberry

1. Noun. Evergreen of tropical America having pulpy fruit containing saponin which was used as soap by Native Americans.

Exact synonyms: China Tree, False Dogwood, Jaboncillo, Sapindus Saponaria
Generic synonyms: Soapberry, Soapberry Tree
Group relationships: Genus Sapindus, Sapindus

2. Noun. Tree of northern India and China having purple blossoms and small inedible yellow fruits; naturalized in the southern United States as a shade tree.

Definition of Chinaberry

1. Noun. (botany) ''Melia azedarach'', a deciduous tree in the mahogany family Meliaceae, native to India, southern China and Australia. ¹

2. Noun. The fruit of such a tree. ¹

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Definition of Chinaberry

1. [n -RIES]

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Literary usage of Chinaberry

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Mosquitoes of North and Central America and the West Indies by Leland Ossian Howard, Harrison Gray Dyar, Frederick Knab (1912)
"chinaberry TREES. In spite of the statement that the chinaberry tree will protect against mosquitoes, observations have failed to show the ..."

2. Modern American Poetry by Louis Untermeyer (1921)
"Vine-leaves tap my window, Dew-drops sing to the garden stones, The robin chirps in the chinaberry tree Repeating three clear tones. It is morning. ..."

3. Modern American Poetry by Louis Untermeyer (1921)
"Vine-leaves tap my window, The snail-track shines on the stones; Dew-drops flash from the chinaberry tree Repeating two clear tones. ..."

4. Practice with Purpose: Literacy Work Stations for Grades 3-6by Debbie Diller by Debbie Diller (2005)
"Several sources include Books on Tape from Random House available at com and chinaberry at ..."

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