Definition of Chinese primrose

1. Noun. Cultivated Asiatic primrose.

Exact synonyms: Primula Sinensis
Generic synonyms: Primrose, Primula

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Literary usage of Chinese primrose

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Practical Floriculture: A Guide to the Successful Cultivation of Florists by Peter Henderson (1911)
"chinese primrose. chinese primroses, particularly the double white, were eighteen ... The chinese primrose should be grown in rather a low temperature, ..."

2. Chapters on Evolution by Andrew Wilson (1883)
"PISTIL op chinese primrose. calyx and corolla—which in previous years were deemed mere "floral envelopes," being credited, as such, with a merely protective ..."

3. Greenhouse Management: A Manual for Florists and Flower Lovers on the by Levi Rawson Taft (1898)
"... where they can be kept at 45 degrees at night. The plants, when in large pots, should have liquid manure FIG. 56. SINGLE chinese primrose. once or twice ..."

4. The Floral Magazine: Comprising Figures and Descriptions of Popular Garden by Thomas Moore, Walter Hood Fitch (1862)
"DOUBLE-FLOWERED chinese primrose. ... than the chinese primrose; seeding freely, easy of cultivation, and blooming for a lengthened period, resisting at the ..."

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