Definition of Chinese puzzle

1. Noun. Intricate or ingenious puzzle consisting of boxes within boxes.

Generic synonyms: Puzzle

Definition of Chinese puzzle

1. Noun. (slang idiomatic) A senseless situation. ¹

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Literary usage of Chinese puzzle

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. China's New Constitution and International Problems by Min-chʻien T. Z. Tyau (1918)
""chinese puzzle" When ... The other delegates laughed, and a thoughtless world has since echoed the laugh and called it a chinese puzzle. ..."

2. The United States of Europe on the Eve of the Parliament of Peace by William Thomas Stead (1899)
"THE chinese puzzle. THE causa causons of my visit to Russia was not the Peace Rescript, which, at the time when I decided on my journey, had not appeared. ..."

3. Under Marching Orders: The Story of Mary Porter Gamewell by Ethel Daniels Hubbard (1909)
"... THE chinese puzzle "O, East is East and West is West, and never the twain shall meet, Till earth and sky stand presently at God's great judgment seat; ..."

4. The Hearing of Primitive Peoples: An Experimental Study of the Auditory by Frank Gilbert Bruner (1908)
"The table for this puzzle shows that there were decided transfer effects from the chinese puzzle. Be is the only subject who solved this puzzle who had not ..."

5. The boy's own toy-maker: A Practical Illustrated Guide to the Useful by Ebenezer Landells (1859)
"THE chinese puzzle. This puzzle, being one for the purpose of constructing different figures by arranging variously shaped pieces of card or ..."

6. Merry's Gems of Prose and Poetry edited by John Newton Stearns (1860)
"THE GREAT chinese puzzle. MANY years ago, during the lime of the third dynasty of the Emperors of China, which commenced about the year 1110, B. c., ..."

7. Through Hidden Shensi by Francis Henry Nichols (1902)
"... is a chinese puzzle. A spur of the Shansi Mountains crosses the road about one hundred miles south of ..."

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