Definition of Chloric acid

1. Noun. (HClO3) a strong unstable acid with an acrid odor found in chlorate salts.

Generic synonyms: Acid

Definition of Chloric acid

1. Noun. (chemistry) a strong acid, HClO3, known only in solution and as its chlorate salts; a powerful oxidizing agent ¹

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Medical Definition of Chloric acid

1. An acid of pentavalent chlorine, HClO3, existing only in solution and as chlorates. (05 Mar 2000)

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Literary usage of Chloric acid

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Elements of Experimental Chemistry by William Henry, Robert Hare (1819)
"chloric acid. A third compound of chlorine and oxygen was pointed out by Mr. ... This separates the barytes, and leaves the chloric acid combined with water ..."

2. Analytical Chemistry by Frederick Pearson Treadwell (1910)
"chloric acid, licit),. Mol. Wt. 84.47. Forms: Silver Chloride, AgCl, ... In order to determine chloric acid as silver chloride it must previously be reduced ..."

3. A System of Instruction in Quantitative Chemical Analysis by C. Remigius Fresenius (1865)
"CHLORIC Acm. Free chloric acid in aqueous solution may be determined by converting it into hydrochloric acid by the agency of nascent hydrogen (II., c), ..."

4. Manual of Qualitative Chemical Analysis by C. Remigius Fresenius (1897)
"chloric acid, in its most highly concentrated solution, is a colorless or slightly yellowish fluid, ... Dilute chloric acid is colorless and odorless. 2. ..."

5. Elements of Chemistry by Edward Turner (1828)
"The sulphuric acid decomposes some of the chlorate of potassa, and sets chloric acid at liberty. The chloric acid, at the moment of separation, ..."

6. Elements of Chemistry: For the Use of Colleges, Academies, and Schools by Victor Regnault (1853)
"The chloric acid is isolated, by dissolving the chlorate of baryta in water, and carefully adding sulphuric acid until no precipitate is formed. ..."

7. The Proceedings of the Iowa Academy of Science by Iowa Academy of Science (1904)
"THE ACTION OF chloric acid ON METALS. BY WS HENDRIXSON. In the course of my work a year ago on Silver as a Reducing Agent, in which the action of ..."

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