Definition of Cholesterols

1. Noun. (plural of cholesterol) ¹

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Definition of Cholesterols

1. cholesterol [n] - See also: cholesterol

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Literary usage of Cholesterols

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Practical organic and bio-chemistry by Robert Henry Aders Plimmer (1920)
"THE cholesterols. Cholesterol. Cholesterol was discovered in bile and has been found in the bile of all animals with one exception. ..."

2. A Text-book of Organic Chemistry for Students of Medicine and Biology by Elmer Verner McCollum (1916)
"It is now made from pinene by oxidation. It differs from pinene in containing a ketone group. 229. The cholesterols are closely related to the ter- penes ..."

3. Chemical Technology and Analysis of Oils, Fats, and Waxes by Julius Lewkowitsch (1904)
"Reliable methods of separating aliphatic alcohols from cholesterols are not yet available. Two methods, however, have been proposed which may lead to ..."

4. Leather Industries Laboratory Book of Analytical and Experimental Methods by Henry Richardson Procter (1908)
"... undecomposed waxes, if the saponification has not been done under pressure. It is not easy to separate these from the cholesterols, and the reader must ..."

5. The Essentials of chemical physiology for the use of students by William Dobinson Halliburton (1914)
"It differs from cholesterol in being dextro-rotatory instead of laevo-rotatory in solution, and in some of its colour reactions. cholesterols isomeric with ..."

6. Commercial Organic Analysis: A Treatise on the Properties, Proximate by Alfred Henry Allen, Henry Leffmann (1898)
"... mixed alcohols from sperm oil and wool- fat:- The separation of aliphatic alcohols from cholesterols has not as yet been satisfactorily accomplished. ..."

7. International Medical and Surgical Surveyby American Institute of Medicine by American Institute of Medicine (1922)
"(1f—77) (1f—77) The Behavior of cholesterols in Blood and in the Kidneys and the ... must always be present when cholesterols appear in the urine. ..."

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