Definition of Chromatics

1. n. The science of colors; that part of optics which treats of the properties of colors.

Definition of Chromatics

1. Noun. The science of colours; the branch of optics that deals with the properties of colours. ¹

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Definition of Chromatics

1. chromatic [n] - See also: chromatic

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Literary usage of Chromatics

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Elements of Natural Philosophy by William Holmes Chambers Bartlett (1859)
"chromatics; Color in light corresponds to ... chromatics. § 91. chromatics is a name given to that branch of optics ..."

2. Public School Methods (1921)
"They may have sung as a tone drill, without explanation of the mode, tkis exercise : la ti do re mi fa sol' la 1 In the fourth year, the work in chromatics ..."

3. Astronomical Register (1882)
"ADMIRAL SMYTH'S "SIDEREAL chromatics: Sir,—With reference to the diagram of colours in Admiral Smyth-s " Sidereal chromatics," there can be no doubt about ..."

4. A System of Natural Philosophy by John Lee Comstock (1847)
"chromatics, OR THE PHILOSOPHY OF COLORS. 759. We have thus far considered light as a simple substance, and have supposed that all its parts were equally ..."

5. Orr's Circle of the Sciences: A Series of Treatires on the Principles of by Richard Owen, Wm S Orr, John Radford Young, Alexander Jardine, Robert Gordon Latham, Edward Smith, William Sweetland Dallas (1855)
"chromatics.—Hitherto light has been considered without reference to colour; the study of this branch of the subject constitutes the science of chromatics. ..."

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