Definition of Chuck wagon

1. Noun. A wagon equipped with a cookstove and provisions (for cowboys).

Generic synonyms: Waggon, Wagon

Definition of Chuck wagon

1. Noun. (American English) Wagon used to prepare meals on a cattle drives, in the latter part of the 19th century. ¹

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Literary usage of Chuck wagon

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Through Texas: A Series of Interesting Letters by Walter Barlow Stevens (1892)
"A faint echo of the whoop reaches ' ' the chuck wagon' ' on the other side of the field handy to ... There is a race across the field for the chuck wagon. ..."

2. Western Grazing Grounds and Forest Ranges: A History of the Live-stock by Will Croft Barnes (1913)
"A New Mexico Round-up Outfit and an Old-time chuck wagon. One does not walk up to the average cow pony that is ..."

3. The Works of Theodore Roosevelt by Theodore Roosevelt (1906)
"to quit when he no longer has the quarry in view. At noon we joined the chuck wagon where it stood drawn up on a slope of the treeless, bushless prairie ..."

4. Cowboy Songs and Other Frontier Ballads by John Avery Lomax (1918)
"THE RAILROAD CORRAL OH we're up in the morning ere breaking of day, The chuck wagon's busy, the flapjacks in play; The herd is astir o'er hillside and vale, ..."

5. A Ranchman's Recollections: An Autobiography in which Unfamiliar Facts by Frank S. Hastings (1921)
"That evening after supper, around the campfire, the chuck wagon "josh" commenced. There is nothing funnier or sharper. ..."

6. A Ranchman's Recollections: An Autobiography in which Unfamiliar Facts by Frank Stewart Hastings (1921)
"He followed the Tongue River chuck wagon for ten years, with some memorable coyote ... They ate out of the same plate, when the chuck wagon was at ..."

7. Some Big Game Hunts by Albert Hawes Cordier (1911)
"One could imagine himself surrounded by Spanish brigands or Mexican rurales, when camped at the chuck wagon with Juan Gonzales, as cook, with Jose Angel, ..."

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