Definition of Cinnamon toast

1. Noun. Buttered toast with sugar and cinnamon (and nutmeg and grated lemon peel).

Generic synonyms: Toast

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Literary usage of Cinnamon toast

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Aunt Caroline's Dixieland Recipes by Emma McKinney, William McKinney (1922)
"cinnamon toast Cut stale bread into thin slices, remove crusts, and cut in halves; toast evenly, and spread first with butter, then with honey, ..."

2. Daily Paragraph Editing: Volume 2: Student Practice Book by Evan-Moor Educational Publishers (2007)
"Write directions for fixing a simple food like cinnamon toast, hot chocolate, or an ice-cream sundae. Remember to use periods at the end of shortened words ..."

3. Mrs. Norton's Cook-book: Selecting, Cooking, and Serving for the Home Table by Jeanette Young Norton (1917)
"cinnamon toast Children who refuse the ordinary dry toast will like cinnamon toast, which is made by toasting slices of bread, buttering, and spreading with ..."

4. Island Song Lyrics by Larry W. Jones (2003)
"... so bet's make the most Of breakfast and love bike cinnamon toast You're my island babe, and it's time we made The world and the time stand still You're ..."

5. Elementary Home Economics: First Lessons in Sewing and Textiles, Foods and by Mary Lockwood Matthews (1921)
"Butter may be spread on it and the toast placed in a hot oven until the butter is melted, when it is known as " buttered toast." " cinnamon toast" is made ..."

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