Definition of Citizenship day

1. Noun. Celebrated in the United States.

Exact synonyms: September 17
Generic synonyms: Day
Group relationships: Sep, Sept, September

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Literary usage of Citizenship day

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Holidays & Celebrations: How to Make Books W/Children by Joy Evans, Jill Norris (1997)
"... September 17 Background citizenship day is celebrated each year on September 17, the date on which the US Constitution was signed in 1787. ..."

2. Hymnal for American Youth by Henry Augustine Smith (1919)
"An • rJ Independence Day, July 4. A Service for 1 Armistice Day, Novembe (Flag Day, June 14. ^citizenship day (Crumpet fanfare or /Partial ..."

3. The New Citizenship: A Civic Ritual Devised for Places of Public Meeting in by Percy MacKaye (1915)
"So, when last May I was asked by the citizenship day Committee, appointed by the Mayor of New York City, to suggest a form of ceremony suitable for ..."

4. Handbook of Social Resources of the United States by Genevieve Poyneer Hendricks (1921)
"It works for the creation of a "citizenship day" when the boys and girls who have come to their majority during the year, as well as the newly naturalized ..."

5. English Pageantry: An Historical Outline by Robert Withington (1920)
"Closely allied to this kind of thing is the " pageant-ceremony " devised by Mr. MacKaye at the request of the citizenship day Committee of New York to ..."

6. People Flow: Managing Migration in a New European Commonwealth by T. G. Veenkamp, Tom Bentley, Alessandra Buonfino, Demos (Organisation) (2003)
"... history and other key areas of civic knowledge, culminating in a naturalisation ceremony on citizenship day, which would be celebrated each year on the ..."

7. Organized Sunday School Work in America, 1908-1911: Triennial Survey of by International Sunday-School Association (1911)
"... citizenship day. 4. Pledge Signing—Enroll every Sunday-School member of proper age conducted by a Temperance Superintendent. as a pledge-signer. ..."

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