Definition of Citrange

1. Noun. More aromatic and acidic than oranges.

Exact synonyms: Citrange Tree, Citroncirus Webberi
Generic synonyms: Citrus, Citrus Tree
Group relationships: Citroncirus, Genus Citroncirus

2. Noun. More aromatic and acid tasting than oranges; used in beverages and marmalade.
Generic synonyms: Citrous Fruit, Citrus, Citrus Fruit
Group relationships: Citrange Tree, Citroncirus Webberi

Definition of Citrange

1. n. A citrous fruit produced by a cross between the sweet orange and the trifoliate orange (Citrus trifoliata). It is more acid and has a more pronounced aroma than the orange; the tree is hardier. There are several varieties.

Definition of Citrange

1. Noun. A hybrid cross of the sweet orange and the trifoliate orange. ¹

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Definition of Citrange

1. a hybrid between citron and orange [n -S]

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Literary usage of Citrange

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

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"citrange The citrange, which is a cross between the worthless Trifoliate orange of ... The citrange will undoubtedly prove valuable for general culinary ..."

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"... citrange (PB No. 716) is a hybrid between the common sweet orange (female ... reciprocal hybrid of the llti¬ęk citrange. The tree, as in the case of the ..."

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"The products made from the Willits citrange are very different in flavor from ... HOW HARDT IS THE citrange? All of the different citrange seedlings were ..."

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"See description under citrange. ... It could be grafted on Rusk citrange for the black waxy lime soils of Texas. ..."

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"The fruits of the Willits citrange exhibit a tendency to freakish- ness in ... The Saunders citrange, though small in size and having a very rough thick ..."

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