Definition of Citrated

1. Verb. (past of citrate) ¹

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Definition of Citrated

1. citrate [adj] - See also: citrate

Medical Definition of Citrated

1. Containing a citrate; specifically denoting blood serum or milk to which has been added a solution of potassium or sodium citrate, or both. (05 Mar 2000)

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Literary usage of Citrated

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The British Journal of Homoeopathy edited by John James Drysdale, Robert Ellis Dudgeon, Richard Hughes, John Rutherfurd Russell (1866)
"The patient took, from early morning, as much of the citrated Borate of ... After the fourteenth day, I gave him the stone-powder of citrated Borate of ..."

2. Principles of Pharmacy by Henry Vinecome Arny (1917)
"citrated caffeine, as given above, is made by blending caffeine with citric ... Mix 195 Gm. powdered citric acid with 40 Gm. citrated caffeine and with 300 ..."

3. The Pharmacopoeia of the United States of America: (The United States by United States Pharmacopoeial Convention (1820)
"citrated Caffeine contains, when dried to constant weight at 80£ not less than 48 ... citrated Caffeine occurs as a white powder, odorless and having a slig ..."

4. Practical Bacteriology, Blood Work and Animal Parasitology: Including by Edward Rhodes Stitt (1918)
"These citrated salt solution flasks are plugged with cotton, ... I usually count the drops of blood as they fall into the citrated salt solution allowing 16 ..."

5. Surgery, Its Principles and Practice by William Williams Keen (1921)
"In citrated blood a stabilization of calcium is brought about rendering it ... The coefficient of viscosity in blood which has been citrated is constant. 3. ..."

6. Manual of therapeutics: Referring Especially to the Products of the by Davis & Company Parke, Parke, Davis & Company (1909)
"Granular Effervescent Preparations: Caffeine citrated, USP 8th Rev., ... Caffeine and Potassium bromide, R "B." Each ounce contains: citrated Caffeine, ..."

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