Definition of Civil wrong

1. Noun. (law) any wrongdoing for which an action for damages may be brought.

Exact synonyms: Tort
Generic synonyms: Actus Reus, Misconduct, Wrongdoing, Wrongful Conduct
Specialized synonyms: Alienation Of Affection, Invasion Of Privacy, Trespass
Examples of category: Libel
Category relationships: Jurisprudence, Law

Definition of Civil wrong

1. Noun. (legal) A wrongful act by one person against another for which the other person may recover damages in a lawsuit. ¹

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Literary usage of Civil wrong

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Treatise on the Law of Crimes by William Lawrence Clark, William Lawrence Marshall, Herschel Bouton Lazell (1905)
"The dictum in many of the cases is broad enough to make it manslaughter to unintentionally kill another while engaged in committing a mere civil wrong or ..."

2. Principles of the English Law of Contract and of Agency in Its Relation to by William Reynell Anson (1906)
"Nor again will the courts enforce an agreement to commit a civil wrong. An agreement to commit an assault has been held to be void, as in Allen v. ..."

3. Commentaries on the Law of Statutory Crimes: Including the Written Laws and by Joel Prentiss Bishop (1901)
"Making the civil wrong indictable. 471-477. Felonious, purely or partly statutory. § 465. Elsewhere.— In the several chapters on homicide in " Criminal Law ..."

4. Principles of the Law of Contract: With a Chapter on the Law of Agency by William Reynell Anson, Arthur Linton Corbin (1919)
"Contracts illegal at common law (a) Agreements to commit an indictable offense or civil wrong 246. Agreement to commit & crime or wrong. ..."

5. A Treatise on Criminal Law and Procedure by Thomas Welburn Hughes (1919)
"also a conspiracy to commit adultery, which implicates a third party;33 otherwise not.34 § 276. Conspiracy to commit a mere civil wrong— ..."

6. Reports of Cases in Criminal Law Argued and Determined in All the Courts in by Edward William Cox (1882)
"As regards the latter case, every offence against person or property, or other individual right involves a civil wrong, which would have entitled the person ..."

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