Definition of Class flagellata

1. Noun. Protozoa having flagella.

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Literary usage of Class flagellata

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1. A Text-book of Invertebrate Morphology by James Playfair McMurrich (1896)
"class flagellata. The Flagellates are characterized by the possession of one or more long filamentous processes of protoplasm, ..."

2. Nature by Nature Publishing Group, Norman Lockyer (1883)
"The only feature in the above classification upon which it occurs to us to offer a rem irk is the limitation assigned to the class Flagellata. ..."

3. The Microscopy of Drinking Water by George Chandler Whipple, John Wymond Miller Bunker (1914)
"term Flagellata is used by some writers to describe this class of Protozoa. SUB-class flagellata Nucleated cells, with a definite, ..."

4. A Reference handbook of the medical sciences embracing the entire range of by Albert Henry Buck (1904)
"The general form of the body, the number and position of flagella, and the precise method of reproduction serve to distinguish in the sub-class Flagellata ..."

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