Definition of Class gastropoda

1. Noun. Snails and slugs and their relatives.

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Literary usage of Class gastropoda

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1. Geological Biology: An Introduction to the Geological History of Organisms by Henry Shaler Williams (1895)
"Distinguishing Characters of the class gastropoda.—The common external characters of all Gastropods are these, viz. : Head and sense organs well developed, ..."

2. Structural and Systematic Conchology: An Introduction to the Study of the by George Washington Tryon (1883)
"class gastropoda. Head distinct, usually furnished with eyes and tentacles ; body mostly protected by a spiral or conical univalve shell; lower surface of ..."

3. Pottsville Fauna of Ohio by Helen Morningstar (1922)
"class gastropoda Minute Gastropoda (Three or more species) Description.—Extremely minute gastropods are abundant in the Sand Block ore, but they occur in a ..."

4. Zoölogy, Descriptive and Practical by Buel Preston Colton (1903)
"class gastropoda. THE gastropods include the snails and slugs. They are of many kinds, terrestrial and aquatic, in fresh water and in salt water, ..."

5. Bulletins of American Paleontology by Cornell University, Paleontological Research Institution (1895)
"The genera Bulla and Valuta of the class Gastropoda. Amer. Mus. Nat. Hist., Bull., vol. 107, pp. 1-157. 1957. A historical review of the mollusks of ..."

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