Definition of Class mastigophora

1. Noun. Protozoa having flagella.

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Literary usage of Class mastigophora

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1. Science by American Association for the Advancement of Science (1910)
"Of the thirty-six species identified, nine were of the class Sarcodina, six of the class Mastigophora, and twenty-one of the class Infusoria. ..."

2. Veterinary Bacteriology: A Treatise on the Bacteria, Yeasts, Molds, and by Robert Earle Buchanan (1911)
"... (Exclusive of the Spirochetes) THE pathogenic forms of the class Mastigophora differ from the preceding in that they do not possess pseudopodia. ..."

3. Principles of Animal Biology by Aaron Franklin Shull, George Roger Larue, Alexander Grant Ruthven (1920)
"Class RHIZOPODA. Protozoa with changeable protoplasmic processes (pseudo- podia). Amoeba. (Figs. 17, 26, 28.) Class MASTIGOPHORA. Protozoa with one or more ..."

4. Pathogenic Micro-organisms: Including Bacteria and Protozoa; a Practical by William Hallock Park, Anna Wessels Williams (1905)
"... the flagellata, from the class mastigophora; the sporozoa as a class, and one order from the ciliata. ..."

5. Twentieth Century Practice: An International Encyclopedia of Modern Medical by Thomas Lathrop Stedman (1900)
"Class: Mastigophora. The Mastigophora include a very large number of organisms of great diversity of structure ..."

6. Forms of Animal Life: A Manual of Comparative Anatomy : with Descriptions of by George Rolleston, William Hatchett Jackson (1888)
"959. Rate of multiplication, Maupas, CR civ. 1887, p. 1006; cf. Id. Leucophrys patula, ibid. ciii. 1886, p. 1270, and civ. 1887, p. 308. class mastigophora. ..."

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